Create a Project Planning Document

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We'll be using a project planning template generously supplied by the Buck Institute.


To create your own project planning page


1)    Go to the Navigator pane in the right column of pblcamp.pbworks.com and click on the Project Folder.

2)    Click on the small OPTIONS text link in the lower right corner of the Navigator pane.

3)    In the upper left corner of the page, you will see a button with a green + sign and the word NEW. Click that.

4)    Select CREATE A PAGE

5)    In the NAME YOUR PAGE window, enter a name for your project. You will want to make it identifiable somehow, with some combination of topic, subject, location, grade level or other unique identifier.

6)    Under Page content, select USE A TEMPLATE.

7)    A drop down will pop up. From it, select PROJECT PLAN TEMPLATE (the last listing).

8)    The last drop down should say PROJECT FOLDER by default. (if not, change this to read PROJECT FOLDER).

9)    Click CREATE PAGE and you should be golden!

10)You’ll see your new page at the top of the Project Folder list.  Click on it to acces your project. 

11)To find your project page again later, go back to the Navigator, find the Project Folder, and click on yours.

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