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Holly Ellman

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Name: Holly Ellman


Title:  Teacher


Grade: 4th and 5th Multiage


Subject: General Ed.


Location: Los Angeles, CA 


PBL Experience: Tenderfoot


Comments (2)

Holly Ellman said

at 2:44 pm on Jul 19, 2010

I am looking for collaborators who use the FOSS science units, specifically 4th grade, and are interested in using the Environments unit to incorporate the Gulf Spill pbl.

Tania Ash said

at 4:33 am on Jul 20, 2010

Hi Holly,

I teach 5th grade in Morocco and have linked to my draft project description below. Would you be interested in some sort of collaboration? Skype, Ning, blogs...? We don't use FOSS, but maybe we can find a way to collaborate anyway? As we are on the coast, something that affects beaches and marine life would definitely strike a chord with my students.

Link to Project Draft:

Project Description Draft:
Possible Driving Question (for our class):
How can we assess the environmental considerations associated with the extraction and use of renewable and non-renewable resources?)

Using the BP Oil Spill as a launch investigation, students will look at Renewable/Non renewable resources and how their extraction and use affects habitats, the environment, etc... Hopefully this will be a collaborative effort via the creation of a Ning to collaborate with other students

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