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Camper Roster

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Deb Bernhard, 3rd Grade Teacher, Anderson Elem, Wilmington, NC 



Anna Alarid -- Intern, Institute for Urban Education, The New School -- New York, NY

Daniela Arghir - Teacher of English as a Foreign Language at Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar in Sibiu, Romania

Brenda Asher --  Teacher (1st Grade) & Lead Technology Educator -- Edgemere ES -- Oklahoma City, OK

Elizabeth Atterberry -- Preservice K-8 @ UWB -- Seattle, WA
Sue Ackley - Teacher 4th grade - Lisa J. Mails Elementary - Murrieta, CA Sue Ackley

Aleshia Blessen - Teacher (1st Grade), Mimi Farley Elementary School, Boys Ranch, Texas 



Mary Ball - Teacher (Science Methods and Biology) - Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN

Michelle Bennett -- AIG Lead Teacher/7th & 8th LA -- Shallotte Middle School - Shallotte, NC 

Suzie Boss -- Author -- Reinventing Project-Based Learning -- Portland, OR

Tracy Butcher - Teacher 8th All Subjects - Madison Academy - Flint, MI

Zahra Belyea--HS Teacher (All Subjects), Dearborn Academy STEP Program, Arlington, MA 






Robin Daniel - Senior Partner, Tech Matters, STEM Education Advisor, Marietta, GA

Kelyn Dewar - Associate Teacher, 3rd Grade Bullis Charter School, Los Altos, CA

Patricia Doyle - Teacher, 4th Grade, Hernando County, Florida 

Jennifer Duann - 10th grade Biology Teacher; Lima Senior High School of Multiple Intelligences; Lima, OH

Florence Duarte  - 8th Grade Science Teacher/MS_Technology Specialist; Escola Americana of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Renee Edwards Teacher, 5th Grade, Bronx, New York

Vincent Eisman Teacher, 4th grade Fair, Oaks Elementary School, Oakdale, CA

Holly Ellman -- Teacher 4th/5th Multiage, Westwood Charter Elementary, Los Angeles, CA 




Shirley Farrell - Education Specialist-Gifted Education, Alabama State Department of Education, Motgomery, AL

Ellen Feig - Assistant Professor, English, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ 

Patricia Flavin - Technology Literacy Teacher 1-4 Robert Hunter Elementary School, Flemington, NJ
Peter Farran - Middle School Technology Coordinator, Marymount International School, Paris, France.

Tracy Fitzwater - Teacher-Librarian/10-12 Geography teacher, Joyce, WA



Maya Garcia- Science Teacher 6-8- Hardy Middle School, Washington DC

Karen Genest - Teacher 3rd grade - American School of Doha, Qatar

Dale Glass - Science Teacher 3-6 - National Presbyterian School, Washington DC

Loretta Grant - Grades 5/6 - Westford Elementary, Westford, VT
Karimah Grayson - Teacher 9-12 - Be Right Back - School Board of Broward County - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Beth Gentrup - High Ability Teacher 7-8 - Norfolk Junior High, Norfolk, Nebraska

Erin Gannon - 3rd grade teacher, Leonardo da Vinci Health Sciences Charter School - Chula Vista, CA



Tracy Hanson - Administrator of K-8 Mistacres Virtual School, South Acworth, NH

Deirdre Harrison - Drama/ESL Teacher/Admissions Admin/Non-profit Coach 9-12 Chicago, IL 

Stephanie Hawkes - 5th grade teacher, Scherkenbach Elementary Las Vegas, NV

Kristin Hoins - Technology and Enrichment Teacher 4-6 - Telluride Intermediate School, Telluride CO

Ann Hyde -- Special Ed English Teacher 9-12, West High School, Anchorage, AK 

Kay H  Library & Computer K-5, San Francisco, CA

Michelle Howell-Martin- Teacher 3rd Grade- Palm Terrace Elementary School, Daytona Beach, FL

Linda Hoffman - 8th grade eacher of multimedia & technology applications, Henry Metzger Middle School, San Antonio, TX

Michelle Harrison - 7th, 8th grade teacher along with High School Biology and Environmental Sciences at Holly Grove Christian School, Westover, Maryland






Jason - Teacher 9-12 At-Risk/ Social Studies and Math

Jayne-Hutchinson, Debbi  - Educator, High School Special Education/Intervention , ELA, Riverside, California 



Jaime Klein - Illinois College, Teacher Educator, Jacksonville, IL

Hollie Knight - Elementary school teacher, Chesterfield, VA

Cheryln Kurz - 2nd grade teacher, Bronx, NY

Deanna K - 3rd grade teacher, Cedar Hill, TX




Tennille Lewis - Teacher, 6-8 Math, 8 Science  All City Leadership Academy, Brooklyn, NY 

Doretta Lambert - Teacher, 3rd grade/Technology Leader, Highland Elementary, Billings, MT



Jenny McAvoy-Anteau - SpEd Teacher 9-12 - West High - Anchorage, Alaska

Cheryl McGuire-ELA Teacher 9-12-Riverside Academy-Clinton Township, MI

Karen McMillan - 7th Grade Teacher - Christ the King Catholic School - Pleasant Hill, CA

Connie McTavish – Teacher 5-8 Math, 5-12 Family and Consumer Science. Fridley, MN

Kyle Meador -- Director of Educational Programs -- Our School at Blair Grocery (www.ourschoolatblairgrocery.org)-- New Orleans, LA -- kmeador@ces-nola.org

Donna Milner - School Library Media Specialist -- Sugarmill Elementary --St. Marys, GA  

Kathleen Morrissey - Health/Physical Education - Essex County Vocational School, Newark, NJ

Meri Miller-Kahle - MS Special Ed 5th, 7th & 8th - Kansas, USA 

Debbie Murray - Technology Integration Facilitator Columbus, MS



Jane Neuenschwander-Education Department Instructor, Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling, WV



Marka Ormsby-Senior Partner, Tech Matters, STEM Education Advisor, Marietta, GA

Denise Oppenhagen-8th Grade Teacher - Rippon Middle School - Woodbridge, VA

Jennifer Ower - 5th Grade Teacher - ASA Charter School- San Bernardino, CA



Parks, Tammy - Teacher/HS Instructional Tech Facilitator, Howe High School, Howe, OK 

Christine Pence--Higher Ed-Riverside, CA

Perkins, Bob Higher Education, Charleston, SC

Powers, Ann-- Grade 12 -

P. , Lisa -- Teacher Grade 6, Los Angeles

Post, Laura- 7th Grade ELA Teacher, Blakemore Middle School, Boys Ranch, TX 






Betty Ray -- Community Manager  -- Edutopia -- San Rafael, CA

Maureen Ray -- 3rd Grade Teacher -- Black Pine Circle School -- El Cerrito, CA

Mike Reilly - Web, Programming and (new to) Engineering Ed - Lanier High School, Sugar Hill, GA

Ridikas, Audra - HS LOTE - 9-12 - Upstate NY

Paula Rushia - Grade 5- Brentwood, NH

Laura Rieker - Pre- K- Pine Grove Elementary - Brooksville, FL 

Jeanie Robinson ---High School Social Studies ---Caldwell Middle College High School---Hudson, NC (twitter c3mcssteacher)



Michelle Sais Hildebrandt -- 3rd Grade Teacher -- Pine Grove Elem., FL.

Shirley Smith --Third Grade Teacher --Pine Grove Elem. , Fl.

Lori A Smith--4th & 5th Combined teacher--Silverton, CO

Vicky Sedgwick -- K-8 Computer Teacher -- Winnetka, CA

Michelle Sumner -- Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Special Education Grades 9-12 -- Manhattan Beach, CA

Sky - Elementary teacher, Metro D.C. Area

Tara Savolt -8th Grade Teacher - Physical Science and Technology - LaSalle, CO            

Lisa Soper - Freshman Biology Teacher- Boys Ranch High School, Boys Ranch, Texas

Taylor, Cheryl - 12 grade Teacher, Language Arts, Henry Co., KY

Wayne Tuttle--4-5 combo-Casper, WY






Camper Roster Paul Verstraete -- 9th Grade Social Studies -- New Orleans, LA



Cindy Wihebrink -- 5th Grade Social Studies/Reading/Language Arts/8th Grade Social Studies - Cal Farley's Boys Ranch, TX

Patricia Ward -- Educational Consultant--Sparta, MI












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