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Week One: Archive

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Week One Activities: Get Yourself Set Up


Our goals this week will be twofold:  1) We'll get our technology tools set up, and 2) we'll brainstorm and consider the big ideas of our projects together.


NOTE: Recording of the Week 1 webinar is available here. Slides are here.


Topic                      Due before 7/19/10
Week One
Project Planning Post to camp Wallwisher page (Tutorial)
Week One



 How will you make the Gulf oil spill relevant for your students?


Locate your group in the list below and begin to brainstorm this question with others:


Week One Camp Logistics

Create your own wiki page and link to it from the camp directory 


Week One Communication Tool Set up a Twitter.com account and use Tweetchat.com to find #pblcamp (Tutorial)
Week One Project Research 

Set up a Delicious.com account (Tutorial)

Week One 
Project Planning
Attend the webinar and/or view the archive.





Extra Credit: Ready to do more?

PBL Campers bring a variety of backgrounds, interests, and experience levels when it comes to project-based learning. Here are some suggestions for additional activities this week, organized by how you see yourself as a PBL teacher. Feel free to explore any and all resources!



Are you setting out on your first journey with projects?

Get your feet wet by watching a short video or longer video introduction to PBL.

Use your wiki page to jot down a few reflections: What do you like about the featured projects? How does PBL compare to the way you've been teaching? How do you think your students would respond to a project?

If you're curious to see what PBL looks like with younger students, check out these videos: Worm project or pint-sized pilots



So you've tried your hand at PBL, but now you want to go further? How can you build on the foundation you've already started? Explore the Schools that Work series about PBL in Maine. Think about the set of PBL planning tips for what you can do in 5 minutes, 5 days, etc. Use your wiki to capture ideas that are starting to percolate. What would you like to try or do differently in your next project?  



Do you develop projects that others might want to join? Are you ready to build some buzz for a collaborative project?

Teacher Christian Long has turned his class projects into bigger conversations. Check out The Alice Project and theTEDxClassroom Project.

Terry Smith invites classrooms around the world to work with his fourth-graders in Hannibal, Missouri.

Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay have built a worldwide network with their Flat Classroom Project.

Use your wiki page to reflect on what a bigger project might entail. What benefits could you imagine for your students? How about for yourself and other teachers who take part in the project?


Calling All Bloggers

Are you blogging about your PBL Camp experience? Add your blog to the Blogroll in the sidebar of this wiki.




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